For any and all girl allies and group leaders, educators, and concerned parents looking for help in attacking the negative effects of media messages on the lives of adolescent girls, Project Girl has developed supportive and easy-to-use curriculum and project materials that help navigate the sometimes choppy waters encountered when critically examining today’s popular culture.

All curriculum is free for educators and community groups. Please contact Kelly Parks Snider ( for material requests. 

Four Curriculum Modules (in print form with companion “How To” DVD)

Each of the four Project Girl curriculum modules consists of a Facilitator Handbook and companion DVD featuring Project Girl art talks and a “How To” segment giving step-by-step instructions for an engaging integrated art project.  The curriculum guides facilitators and girls through a five-hour workshop that is broken down into one-hour segments.  Each workshop explores a different media literacy theme and all are appropriate for ages 9-15. 

  • Project One: Corporate Curriculum-- Introductory “heighten awareness” workshop.  Gives girls the tools and information to look critically at Commercial Land (contemporary culture) and the media’s influences and how these influences shape our lives and the way we think.  (Highly recommended as an overview and general introduction to media literacy themes)
  • Project Two: Will the Real You Please Stand Up! -- Explores our inner lives and values, with emphasis on qualities beyond appearance.  Discusses the difference between media ideas of beauty and inner beauty.
  • Project Three: Evidence of Real Bodies-- Increases understanding of how unattainable, unrealistic media images can affect our feelings toward our own bodies and toward others.
  • Project Four: Brand Brainwashing -- Gives girls the tools and information to identify media messages and stereotypes about being a girl, examines how those stereotypes affect our perceptions and friendships, and generate a dialogue about the impact of labeling and exclusion.

Full Color Art Posters

Project Girl full color, grab-your-eye art posters are handy and helpful in supporting workshop discussions  by helping illustrate curriculum themes and aiding in de-construction exercises.  They are also great decorative reminders of the importance of being critical and smart consumers of media. (Set of 10, full color, printed both sides, 18” x 24”)


How to Un-Mediafy Your Life Workbook

An interactive full color workbook suggesting some fun experiments and engaging exercises that challenge us to think deeper about the effects that the media has on our lives and the lives of adolescent girls. The workbook also provides valuable insights into the creative process, reveals the intentions behind the artwork and is an example of the intentional use of art as an agent of social change.


PowerPoint Presentation (tour of Project Girl Art Exhibition)

The Project Girl Power Point Presentation takes students or members of girl groups on a tour of the Project Girl traveling art exhibition which features thought-provoking, topical artwork by both professional and girl artists.  Themes explored through artistic expression include body image, violence in media, consumerism, sisterhood, age and beauty in advertising, media literacy concepts, stereotypes and “boxing in” girls, and true girl power.  Power Point Presentation comes with detailed script and discussion guide.

Reflective DVD (girls talking to girls about media literacy themes)

Project Girl’s Video Reflections DVD gives girls the opportunity to see and hear girls just like them who have participated in Project Girl Workshops.  With wit, whimsy, wisdom and insight these girls express opinions on their contemporary media-based culture.  A thought-provoking tool to generate meaningful discussion. (24 minutes)